humanity is gone in developing world – Essay

humanity is gone in developing world:

The decision of killing myself is not the cause of not being loved by the family or people living around me I don’t see myself as a better candidate of world I wonder ,I would never be able to end the fights being all over the globe .The peace of earth is distrube but I couldn’t take any step towards it. The problems are increasing due humans if i end down living, might one up coming generation won’t see the damaged world because I will be no more and then every plains get off about my life what my parents use to make. Sorry for not what  I’m doing or will do I just apologize for the deeds I’d done not supporting the world like you daily do I can’t survive more in this  unlivable place  .it’s not a suicide it’s murder. Well lived Sumahri.

The dark moon night where I use to talk with myself till late night .as usual my life also end with talking to myself in front of moon. I often got surprised when I hear about the suicide or watching films  .How they ……mostly my brain creates an answer that they might not try but right now my life is a film. Let’s finish myself it’s being late.

Silence is beautiful.

Silence is peace

Silence is happiness

5:12,the hand was bleeding no pain might capacity of feeling pain ends ,eyes get closed .

She is no more sorry said the doctor due to over bleeding.

Amood begins searching here there like finding his perisous thing got lost He felt nothing remains to be Any more, suddenly he listened to voice maybe that was from heart or real

Really her voice but he remembered those were the words said by sumahri . she used to say Amood I can’t explore the world and the reply was dear “you are little sweet yet don’t waste your life in thinking of silly world, Have fun cutee.she become More confuse and made the mode full off with this line my innocent brother if I leave the world in my sweet age ,do you give some time to my words I usually take out in over laughing on our non-laughable jokes? These lines often killed the decision between them .it’s sumahri asking me the questions which I’d ignore.

Mulmah I know she left something for me let’s find.

The searching of words which she always wanted to say but no one had interest to listened and now.

Her phone ,which was kept in bottom of bookshelves without password and there was message sent to sum’s amoo .Amood took out his phone on top of screen message from unknown sumahri..last line of message was humanity never ends by killing others or ourselves it’s overed from that day when people in front let you not to think about others dear Amoo, why we love each other and never had wish to lose any one because we are world or everthing for one another then we accept the world’s each individual as part of our lives .

My Amoood , you are sweet yet so you have the ability to hand over the situation of world for your more kind information my death can’t sperate us because we are soulmates.

So please Tell to every brother and sister to understand each other and world is Our family take care….the unchanging conditions are the cause of my death.

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