Public Health Engineering Division Sheran Tender 2023

The Balochistan Government Announces for Sherani District Work a Tender in which Executive Engineer Public Health Engineering Division Sherani also invites sealed percentage rate tenders based on Composite Schedule of rates 2018 Government of Baluchistan from intereste contractor/firms and agencies for the Mentioned bellow for Time limit of 1-Month for each work.

Detaild About Tender

The Procurement shall be carried out in accordance with Baluchistan Public Procurement Regulatory Authority rules, 2014, TENDER FEE FOR EACH BIDS: 1000/- to be deposited in head of account C-02725through Bank challan in NBP Zhob Branch.BID SECURITY: 2% of Estimated Cost of each BASIC ELIGIBILITY:

i. Firms (Single Entity) having valid registration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in Relevant Category and relevant discipline including three years work experiences & Bank Statement(Turnover).

ii. Valid Registration with Income Tax/ Sales Tax Department NTN, & BRA active on ATL & online verifiable.

iii. Authorized Representatives of company will only be allowed, having a specific Authorization letter for the Schemes mentioned above. (The Authorization letter/ deed must be provided on Non- Judicial Stamp Paper Valuing Rs.100, duly attested by first class Magistrate).

IV.Under taking on judicial stamp paper that the firm was never black listed by any Government / Semi Government Organization. The GST for Pipe is mandatory. METHOD OF PROCUREMENT: Single Stage-Single Envelope Procedure.


The Eligible Firms can obtain the bidding Documents by downloading from website of BPPRA, from thedate of publication of this invitation in newspapers till 16 June 2023, at 12:00 PM. The Firms who obtain bidding Documents by downloading from BPPRA website will also be required to produce Deposited green challan form of above mentioned fee.

Earnest Money as mentioned above should be submitted in the form of Call Deposit from a scheduled Bank. Dead line of Submission: The bidding Documents duly filled and attached with copies of supporting Documents Must be delivered in sealed envelopes by hand to the address mentioned below on or before 16th June 2023, at 12:00 PM. Opening.

The Financial will be opened on 16th June 2023. at 1:00 PM. before Procurement committee in the presence of contractors or their authorize Representatives/Agents and their financial bid will be retained anc only successful bidders will be called/invited though courier fo opening of financial bid.

Place submission will be Office of the Executive Engineer Public Health Engineering Divisior Sherani Telephone No; 0822414448, Fax No; 0822414448. E-mail address Bid validity period; Ninety (90) days

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Public Health Engineering Division Sheran Tender 2023